Scientific Director
  • kouidi

    Professor of Sports Medicine TEFAA AUTH


    Director of the Sports Medicine Laboratory

    Τ: 2310992189, 6937040265
Scientific Staff
  • deligiannis

    Emeritus Professor of Sports Medicine TEFAA AUTH


    Former Director of the Sports Medicine Laboratory

    Τ: 2310992181, 6945151398
  • Mameletzi

    Permanent Assistant Professor

    Physical Reactivation of People with Health Disorders

    Τ: 2310992493, 6982445458
  • Anifanti

    M.D., Cardiologist

    PHD in School of Medicine AUTH

    Academic Fellow

    Τ: 2310992184

Scientific Partners

  • Georgia Koukouvou
    Graduate of Physical Education,PhD in Human Performance & Health
  • Erasmia Konstantinidou
    Graduate of Physical Education, PhD in Human Performance & Health
  • Olga Kagioglou
    PhD Candidate, TEFAA-AUTH
  • Vasiliki Michou
    Graduate of Nursing, TEI of Thessaloniki, PhD Candidate, TEFFA-AUTH
  • Eleni Zangelidou
    PhD Candidate TEFAA-AUTH
  • Efi Dervisopoulou
    PhD Candidate TEFAA-AUTH
  • Dimitrios Dervas
    Family Medicine,GP,Msc
  • Panagiota Sotiriou
    Cardiologist - Postdoctoral researcher

Laboratory Equipment

The Sports Medicine laboratory has contemporary technical equipment that includes:

    li>Doppler echocardiographs
  • dynamic echocardiography unit
  • demographic unit
  • portable devices for 24-hour continuous monitoring of heart rate and
    blood pressure
  • electrocardiographs
  • spirometers
  • ergospirometers
  • floor ergometers with adjustable speed & inclination
  • mechanical circulating meters
  • calibrators
  • Receptor Sensitivity System (TILT Test)
  • system of photometric analysis of hematological and biochemical

Conducted Examinations

Specialized medical examinations are performed, such as:

  • stress test and ergospirometry
  • anatomy and heart function ultrasound monitoring at rest and during
  • control of the respiratory system at rest and during exercise
  • 24-hour ECG recording to detect arrhythmias and blood pressure
  • Control System of Heart Rate Variability, T wave (T wave alternans)
    and delayed after-depolarizations
  • e-health applications