Therapeutic exercise programs

Osteoarthritis and Exercise

Osteoarthritis is also a common degenerative disease of the joints. It is characterized by the destruction of the bones articular surfaces cartilage, as well as by the formation of bone particles (osteophytes) in them. The joints that are most often affected are the spine, the pelvis, the fingers of the hand, etc.

The typical symptoms of the disease are local pain and joint stiffness.

Proper physical activity plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis.

Exercise should be active, without too much strain on the joint.

In osteoarthritic knees with concomitant instability, exercise improves joint function, strengthens the knee muscles, reduces pain and stabilizes the affected knee to a sufficient degree by using a circular program of specificity exercises.

In people with osteoarthritis of the hip, exercise has a beneficial effect in reducing pain and improving joint function.

It is usually recommended aerobic type training, such as walking, cycling, swimming, golf, exercises with light load resistance and flexibility.

Jogging and running should be avoided, as they strain the joints.

However, it is necessary to have adequate rest intervals between exercises.

In addition, regarding patient’s participation in special physical activity programs, it is necessary to deal with obesity, so that the joints may not be burdened by the excess of normal body weight.